We are permanently closed due to Pamela’s retirement!  We will miss everyone and really appreciate the wonderful friends we’ve made these last 15 years.  If you need anything, please text our designer, Alyssa Garcia at 832.983.9559.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find something special that we do not have in stock, or if you would like one of our custom pieces, we will help you with a special order. This process is best if you meet with one of our designers for an in-store appointment, but if necessary, we can handle everything via phone, text and/or email. Much of our business is through special orders, so we are happy to help you through the process. Please call us at (713) 528-7800 for more information.

 In all cases, a 100% non-refundable deposit is required. This allows us to give you the best prices possible for both items in the store and for your special order.

Normally, bedding takes a couple weeks, while larger items can take 3 to 8 weeks, depending on the stock at our suppliers.  Custom orders always take a minimum of 4 weeks and can take as long as 12 weeks.  Of course, during these times of uncertainty, lead times may be longer.  We will make every effort to get an estimated time frame before your order is placed, but we usually cannot promise delivery by a certain date.

We do not have our own truck, but recommend that you use your own bonded & insured delivery service or try one of the following:

  • Vanesa’s Moving & Delivery – (713) 592-2283
  • GR Moving Services – ‬(713) 287-0280
  • Classic Moves – (713) 690-3303‬

Although we discourage amateurs handling our fine pieces, if you prefer to pick up your items yourself, please bring lots of blankets and muscle, and remember we are not responsible for damages to your items or your back.  Also, a fee may be applied to compensate our staff if you require their assistance.

Whether you use a bonded mover or decide to DIY, we ask that the items be picked up within 72 hours after purchase unless other arrangements have been made.  When picking up items please give us at least 24 hours notice so we can have them ready for you.

Of course, it depends on the type of fabric, but we have many kid-proof fabrics that are the easier to clean. For these fabrics, follow the following steps:

  • Regular vacuuming is recommended to maintain the integrity of the fabric but avoid using your power brush attachment.
  • For spills we recommend the following steps: 
    • Promptly clean any spills that may stain the fabric.
    • Blot any liquids on the surface with a clean cloth and remove any loose debris.
    • Mix a solution of ¼ tsp dish soap and 1 cup warm water and spray on the fabric.
    • Gently work the solution into the stain using a sponge, working from the outside in.  Rinse your sponge often to avoid spreading the stain.
    • Do not rub or use a brush as this will damage the fabric.
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove cleaning solution from the fabric and allow to air dry.
    • Repeat these steps as needed.

For other fabrics, please contact us at (713) 528-7800 for more information.

Most of our bedding is machine washable on delicate cycle and dry on low heat.  There are occasions dry cleaning is recommended.  Please refer to the labeled tag on the product. 

Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Let us know via our contact us form or by giving us a call at (713) 528-7800 or emailing info@threedoorshouston.com.